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Gosnells Of London

Gosnells Of London

Do you know mead (honey liquor)? Mead is still not well known in Japan, but its history dates back thousands of years and is said to be the world's oldest alcoholic beverage based on honey. And now, just like craft beer, this mead is innovating to keep up with modern trends. Gosnells of London, UK, is working with a young team in founder Tom's kitchen to bring mead to the world in a new, premium and sustainable way. ✅Uses 100% natural honey ✅Responsibly sourced ingredients from excellent suppliers around the world ✅No added sugar, gluten, sulfites, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors It's about connecting people to nature.” Create more natural habitat and food sources for bees and pollinators, reduce waste and recycle where possible to protect the environment, and reduce carbon emissions. Keep an eye out for their cool and sensational young team working on sustainable things like reducing emissions.
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