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ゴスネル オブ ロンドン スパークリングミードのギフトボックスにグリーン、ブルー、オレンジ、ピンクの背景画像



Bulles de Ruche

Bulles de Ruche

Bulles de Ruche is a low alcohol (4.5%), gluten-free, sulfite-free, heirloom mead created by founder Paul-Augustin Delatre. It is a modern mead that has been reborn in a new style as free, fragrance-free, preservative-free, and low-calorie. "Stay authentic, yet bold." What makes Bourse de Ruche unique is that it is made from 100% flower honey. Made with 100% pure flowers without any flavors, sugars, preservatives, gluten or sulfites. In addition, mixology/cocktails and mariage with food can be enjoyed deeply. It is endorsed by leading French stores and is also available at the famous Galeries Lafayette, Grande Epicerie Paris, Alain Ducasse, Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Park Hyatt Vendome.
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