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Sparkling Mead "Bulles de Ruche Lychee" 275ml Bottle Set of 3 (ALC.4.5%)

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Sparkling mead from western France, made with 100% pure honey. No sugar, no preservatives, gluten free and low alcohol. It is a premium liquor that is also handled by the first-class restaurants in France. (blog)

[Bulles de Ruche (lychee) 275ml 3-bottle set]

Bulles de Ruche Lychee is a French mead made with pure lychee honey from La Compagnie du Miel, a company that promotes environmental protection and sustainable farming in Madagascar.

The company's ethical practices protect the primeval lychee forests of Anzy and support local beekeeping efforts. Made with lychee honey from Madagascar, Sparkling Mead is light, fresh and original. 

Pale golden in color, with a delicate effervescence and sweet aromas of exotic white lychee flowers and berries. In addition, sweet aromas reminiscent of white peach and apricot, and the scent of roses. Low alcohol content (4.5%) and calories (residual sugar content: 0.34g/L).


Ingredients: water, honey/carbon dioxide

Alcohol content: 4.5%

Optimal temperature: 8-12°C

Contents: 275ml ----
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