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Drinking alcohol by persons under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.
We do not sell alcohol to people under 20.
Sparkling mead from western France, made with 100% pure honey. No sugar, no preservatives, gluten free and low alcohol. It is a premium liquor that is also handled by the first-class restaurants in France. (blog)

[Bulle de Ruche (Lavender) 750ml]

Bulle de Ruche Lavande uses honey from the Valensole Plateau in Provence, France, known for its stunning lavender fields. Marelli Martin has created a surprisingly refreshing Bourse de Ruche Lavande using pure honey harvested here. A pale golden mead with a fragrant aroma reminiscent of lavender and black tea. Delicate bubbles with aromas of purple lavender flowers and a pleasant aftertaste of honey. Low alcohol content (4.5%) and calories (residual sugar content: 0.34g/L).

Comment from sommelier Kenji Takano: "Rather than a strong lavender scent like an artificial fragrance, it's a wild flower scent that's closer to nature. It also has nuances like apricot kernels and refreshing vinegar. It's clean and doesn't leave a trailing aftertaste." It's sweet, so it's perfect for starting a meal.It's a taste that makes you want to drink it before you know it while you're cooking."


Ingredients: water, honey/carbon dioxide

Alcohol content: 4.5%

Optimal temperature: 8-12°C

Contents: 750ml
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