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Drinking alcohol by persons under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.
We do not sell alcohol to people under 20.

Sparkling mead from western France, made with 100% pure honey. No sugar, no preservatives, gluten free and low alcohol. It is a premium liquor that is also handled by the first-class restaurants in France. (blog)

[Bulles de Ruche (Tilleul) 275ml 3-bottle set]

A Bulles de Ruche Tilleul made from linden honey of Foret-de-Halatte , a centuries-old forest once owned by the French royal family. In the vast forest of 6,000 ha, seasonal plants inhabit, and the rich nature spreads out where various animals live.

In this forest, which is also famous for its linden habitat, Bulles de Ruche Tilleul was born using pure honey harvested by beekeeper Mr. Fourneau. 

Pale golden color with refreshing aromas of thyme and rosemary. It features a delicate foam, off-dry sharpness, lime tree and rosemary scent. Alcohol content (4.5%) and calories (residual sugar content: 0.34g/L) are modest. Enjoy it not only as a toast drink or celebration drink, but also in various scenes such as afternoon tea with cakes and baked sweets as well as parties.


Ingredients: water, honey/carbon dioxide

Alcohol content: 4.5%

Optimal temperature: 8-12°C

Contents: 275ml x 3 bottles

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